Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wires and Light, Episode 3. The Laundromat. Click here to play the videoblog.

So I decided to go ahead with a weekly posting. I'm going to draw from my "back catalog" first, posting the shorts I've made up to this point in my life and, eventually move into producing original films exclusively for the video blog and podcast. I'm in the process of deveoloping the characters and stories that will hopefully form into a more developed cast of characters and relationships.

I wrote and directed The Laundromat about two years ago, the same day I shot Say Yes. It stars Jim Blanchette and Gordon Vandenberg. The great Jonathan Wenstrup shot it guerrilla style at a laundromat in Echo Park, Los Angeles. It was surprisingly easy to do, given the documentary look I was going for. None of the employees seemed to really care what we were doing.

The greenish cast of the location was added in post to emulate a flourescent look to the space. A friend and excellent filmmaker in his own right, James Yuan helped me "time" (or color) the film once the cut was locked. I've since got a couple of fun plug in's myself, as well as a video camera that can hook me up to my own monitor, so I've begun doing my own color correction here at home where I edit everything.


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